A Little Bit About Me And This Blog

A Little Bit About Me And This Blog

  Hello! I’d like to start out by telling you a little bit about myself. I am a twenty – nine year old mother of two boys, ages five and seven, and I am also a wife of seven and a half years. My family and I live in northern Michigan. I’ve led a very, hmm, we’ll say, colorful life… some say I’ve been through a lot, some say that I’m strong… and maybe I have, maybe I am… but I’ve gone through nothing more than the next person, I’m no stronger than they. I’m a pretty open and honest person. However all the names in my blog will always be changed to protect the person I’m talking about. I’m not afraid to say what I’m thinking or feeling. I have quite a few health issues for my age, but I try not to let them get me down. I have a lot of growing to do still in life, as a person, as a mother, as a wife, as a believer of God, just in general, a lot of growing left. I struggle, just like the next guy, but deep down I know I must continue to fight. 

 I’m choosing to blog publicly rather than keep a journal or just not write at all, because for some reason, I feel compelled to write publicly about certain personal and non-personal things in my life. I guess there’s a hope, a thought, that perhaps, there is someone, somewhere out there, that will read my blog posts and be able to relate somehow… or that someone, somewhere out there will read one or all of my blog posts and be helped, moved, inspired, or somehow educated from it; from just my “regular” everyday life and stories of it, or advice that I may want to share, opinions on all things life, etc. Just as long as it somehow, someway, touches someone in some way.  

I’d like for this blog to be about my life in my own words, my life as I see it, and some of the key elements to my current life. One of those things, a main one I think it will be, is about a relationship I shouldn’t have with a man online and have fallen in love with. Other subjects will include my current failing marriage and somethings about my family maybe. I’d like to talk about different real life topics eventually…. This is a new experience for me, so please bare with me as I learn the ropes, and learn to tweak and change things.   

Should I continue this blog throughout the next year, I would like to have at least gotten a rhythm down, a main focus, or several main focuses. I would hope to know for sure by then exactly where I’m going with this blog and why. I’m open to suggestions, advice, and constructive criticism… I do not however appreciate rudeness of any kind. I feel if you do not like what you’re reading, rather than say something rude or negative, just simply do not read it anymore. It is not my goal to offend anyone through this blog. I hope that you enjoy it, and I’m very grateful and appreciative to all my readers and followers. Thank you!! 


About lilylanders30

I'm a kind, loving and caring person for the most part, but if you cross me or screw me over, not so much. I'm a mom and a wife. I don't have much of a "life" outside of my family. I'm pretty straight forward and open/honest. I've been through a lot in my life and I don't have time for bs. I'm like a roller coaster of emotions all the time. I make a lot of my problems in life worse by my crazy actions, when I'm not even intending too. I love Jesus/God/Holy Spirit, and my faith has often been the only thing that's kept me going. I like a lot of different things. Reading, writing and music are 3 of the biggest ones. There's a lot I could write about me, but I'll stop at this, lol. :-)

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