A Little Unsure


Lately I’ve been finding that I want to write, honestly, I do…. but one of two things keeps happening…. Either a) I’m so tired by the time that I actually get time to write, that it’s all I can do to hold my eyes open, let alone write. (Although that does make for an interesting idea, lol, sit here at the keyboard while I nod in and out, see what keys I push and go with it, lol.) or b) I want to write, but I seem to be having a hard time picking out one particular topic, idea, story, post, etc., I’m sure you get the picture. See, I’m bad for rambling and topic hopping, and I’d like to try to avoid that with this. I was thinking that maybe if I just posted multiple blog posts in twenty – four hour period, (without being to excessive and going overboard of course), that maybe that would solve this issue. Then there’s still choosing what to write about, even if I’m breaking it up into a few different pieces. I get a really good idea a lot of times and if I don’t write it down, I forget it most times. I’ve also been struggling with certain types of content that I’d like to write about, but am still not sure where I’m at on that. I think in the end I’ll choose to go with what it is that I want to write, because this blog is after all, entitled In My Words…. My life in my words. So if one blog post is about crafts with the kids and the next one is a hot and heavy R – rated piece, I guess don’t be surprised, lol. No matter what, my goal is to just keep writing, without going too long in between posts. So from now on, my plan is to write in a more organized format I guess you’d say…. trying to stick to one or two specific topics or ideas with each blog post…. even if that means multiple posts in a twenty – four hour period, like I said. We shall see how this works!! Above all, I’m not just doing this for myself, so that I don’t feel like I’m so jumbled together in my posts on here, but so that my readers can read what I have to say without trying to follow five topics at once, while hopping off down bunny trail one and two, lol. I want it to work for both myself and my readers. 


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  1. I worried about th same things a couple months ago. I wrote what I felt about, whether it was inspired by the news, my mood, my expertise, or just gettin it off my chest. For several weeks Blogging was an instrument for selfish venting, I thought, but a like here, a comment there, and a follow! told me that people are people and all experience the same life in their individual way. Do not worry. Keep writing!

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    • Thank you! It’s good to know I’m not alone out there when it comes to being a little unsure of your writing, whether it be topic, format, etc. I think I will just keep going with the flow so-to-speak, just keep it a bit more organized, lol. Thanks again and stay tuned! 🙂

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    • Thank you! It has always been difficult for me to stick to just one subject or topic when having a conversation or writing, lol, but I do want to try to keep things a little more separated, organized I guess you’d say, almost as a challenge to myself…. but we’ll see. It’s day to day with me, lol, never know what to expect! 😉 Read on! 🙂

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