90 Miles An Hour


Holy shit my mind is racing right now!! Aaahhh! How can I go from melancholy and lonely to a near manic state in such a brief period of time??!! I mean, I know because it’s been explained to me by psychiatrists and therapists alike, but I hate it. I most not have enough of my meds in my system consistently yet, or something. It feels almost like anxiety as well. It’s a big jumbled up crazy feeling and I do not like it Sam I Am. *sigh*


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  1. Lol I think hide the credit card is good advice in these cases. Be thanful for kids keeping you in one place, my mania would make me up and leave countries, forget to board planes and drive for hours and hours and then.. ah what the hell, hope you’re more “level” now 🙂

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      • I do not use a watch. Rarely a calendar. You have commitments I do not have to deal with, thank God! So it is more important for you to embolden yourself than for me. That being said good luck falling asleep tonight . Most people do not realize that adrenaline heaven is worse than a meth user trying to stay even!

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