For me, music is very therapeutic. I don’t know exactly why, but it’s like listening to it, certain songs in particular, they just release something inside of me. I listen to pretty much any type of music, and one genre of song can make me feel a particular feeling, while another genre of a song has me in a way different set of mind. Music just does that to me. Depressing music can make me feel more depressed, or it can help release the bad feelings I have inside, upbeat music makes me feel good usually, gets me pumped, wanting to dance. Then again that kind of music makes me thing about a life I’ll never have, but I know that lifestyle isn’t that great anyway, I lived it. Anyway, music does so many things for me, it’s hard to describe. It’s like my emotions flow with it, whatever it is, as long as I like it. I can relate different songs to my life, or certain situations or feelings that I have. I have songs that I listen to over and over when I like them, I get hooked. I like songs that mean something to me or are catchy to me. 

One of the things I do when I just want to relax and get my jam on, is plug in my earbuds to my chromebook, and I jam out. Sometimes even with the kids awake and coming in and out of wherever I am, lol. Sometimes I do it at night when everyone is sleeping. Occasionally I get caught by husband and he just shakes his head in disgust, but whatever. During the day when I do it, I sing and dance even though I cannot sing nor dance, lol, but it makes me feel better so screw it I guess. I usually do it where no one can see me and sorry if they can hear me, lol.  Music brings back memories a lot of times, and I guess I like that nostalgia, produced my music for me. Sometimes music makes me feel worse, depending on what I listen to, but most times, it leaves me in kind of almost calm state for a moment anyway. Music represents things, it’s in us, it has the ability to spark emotions and feelings. 

All in all, music is awesome, it rocks n rolls, it grooves, it does its thang, and I love it! 


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  1. I’m all over the place when it comes to music with the exception of what passes for “top 40” and country/western.

    Listening to some Cuban jazz as I type this.

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  2. I am the same way…I Love my music!!! I don’t know what I would do (go insane) if there was no music!!! It changes my mood when I’m down…and it don’t matter what type of music…as long as it has a beat I can vibe and rock too!!!

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