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Adult Content – Should I or Shouldn’t I


Ahhh…. Adult Content…. now there’s a good old fashioned controversial topic. Which is why I think I’m having this little debate with myself the last few days, as to whether or not I should include my “adult content” in my blog posts, which to me are more than just posts, they are a story, my story, and that “adult content” is a very big part of my story…. Now don’t get my wrong, I didn’t start this blog with the intention of turning it into a pornographic blog, but it doesn’t mean that just because that’s not my main topic or focus in this blog that it’s not or can’t be a part of it…. posts with pornographic or sexual nature, explicit and detailed, etc. In fact, a good majority of my posts won’t/would not be of that nature…. but the select ones that are, I don’t want them to cause a reader to pass judgement on my WHOLE blog just from reading one post that they didn’t like or found inappropriate. At the same time, I don’t want to hold back on the stories of my life or the writer that’s in me,  for fear of offending others with accounts of my life, sexual or non. I’ve thought of maybe trying to keep it to a soft core porn type level if I do decide to include posts with adult content in them, but that writer in me gets carried away and I can’t help but want to write every last detail. I started this blog to talk about my life…. this is part of my life. In the end I will probably end up posting blog posts with adult content in them, but as for now I’m undecided. I welcome comments with what you think!!! Please do! Well, I guess we’ll see!!! Til next time!